Ask and Request?

HI! This page dedicated for everybody who want to know me well.

Who am i?

-I’m Clariska Jung

How old are you?

– For now i turn into already 16

My favorite Boyband?







My Favorite girlband?



– Wonder girls


My officially website?


– clariskachan (my nickname on KH)

-@clariskajung on twitter

– Clariska jung (my nickname on may FB account)


-write fanfictions


-listen to the music

My favorite pairings?





– all Shinra pairing.

My favorite author?

– _mymiki ( www.

Who is your Bias?

– My eternal boy
-My eternal girl



– You are allow to ask or request fanfictions to me.

-You can ask me as many as you want!

-About requesting fic’s there are a few conditions.

1. You already comment in my fanfictions about 3 times.

2. The cast of your request fanfiction must an kpop idol NO OC’s

3. No NC!

4. You can request YAOI just for Onkey