(FF) Hopeless – DRABBLE

Title: Hopeless
Author: Cla
Genre: Romance, Friendship
Rating: PG15+
Length: Drabble
Language: English
Pairing: Dongwoon/Nana
Casts: Beast/Afterschool
Summaryand even worst than that she could heard that Dongwoon called the girl with ‘Jagiya’….

It happened about three years ago, Nana is really selfish girl. She can’t share everything to people, even to her bestfriend Nicole.

Nana was strong and charismatic, and everybody know that. She kind of girl whom stand by her own self. She’s actually sweet but she pretend like she isnt sweet at all.

But only one person could taste how sweet Nana. Name of the person is Sohn Dongwoon. The boy who’s very clever and kind. The boy who’s always put his eyes to Nana. The boy who’s known well as the boy whose Nana likes.

Everybody can see perfectly that Dongwoon really interest about Nana, not only because they are know each other, since their kindergarten but also because something.

Nana is also likes Dongwoon. She always feel comfort if Dongwoon’s always besides her. But one of them never confessions their feeling. The reason’s why? Is still mistery.

They live in same area, so they also have relations as neighboor.

Time passed by Nana’s attitude not getting better. As what i said She’s only be nice to Dongwoon and now Dongwoon never contacted her again. And again why it could be ? Still mistery.

Once Nana woke up because of the phone. The phone rang and she was very suprised that the contact name is Dongwoon. She picked it soonly but no sounds coming. She waited and waited but there’s no sounds coming. Nana gave up and rejected the connections.

Like usual Nana would go to the school, but with all of sudden she met Dongwoon in Bus. Dongwoon did’nt say hello or even called her name. She sat in the middle of bus without asked Nana to sit beside him. Even only one seats left and the seats is besides him. Nana stood up, she would’nt sit to the seats if Dongwoon not asked her to do that.

A few minuted passed but Dongwoon still in silence. Nana keep waiting, she awares that Dongwoon never stops see her. And Nana hopes along the trip. The door open and someone came to the bus. Nana saw the emptied seats, worried if the girl who just came in would take the seats. And she was right, the girl sat beside Dongwoon and even worst than that she could heard that Dongwoon called the girl with ‘Jagiya’. Nana heart broke and tears fall suddenly. She stopped the bus and ran as fast as possible. Everything she has been thingking is quite impossible, because of Dongwoon. She pretty sure that Dongwoon has feeling to her but he’s not trying. And something made Dongwoon not dare to confessions his feeling trough Nana. Nana pretty sure she would be known as Dongwoon girlfriend but now after saw Dongwoon with his girlfriends, she knows that everyhope she built is useless and hopeless.