(FF) Insomnia Girl – oneshoot

Tittle      : Insomnia Girl
Author : Clariska Jung
Length : one shoots
Genre   : love romance
Rated  : PG 16
Pairing : Onew/Hara

a/n : this is a lot of a mess. my first english fic’s sorry for UNGOOD form LOL, but i try my best!. BUT ENJOY!

She looks up the wall’s clock, with her eyes, she put all of her focus to see, what time is it. Seconds by seconds, he doesnt come to hug her from her back. He doesnt whispering Hara’s name in Hara’s ear.

Hara just can see  the night’s scenery of Seoul city from the window. Feel the wild night’s wind. She doesnt care if she will get sick. She just want Onew go see her and hug her like the old days.

Hara promised she will never meet Minho again. She promised to not pick up the phone, while Minho’s calling. She’ll never let anyone beside her, except Lee Jinki.  She really promised.

It already two month since Onew’s gone after saw Hara and Minho hugging. Minho hugging her just for congratulating about Onew and Hara plan to marry. Hara also believe that it is’not the reasons why Onew left. Onew is unselfish one, but Nicole make Hara aware about it.

“Do you think he cant get tired of it?”
Even Hara did’nt believe about it, even she trust Onew will never become a childish one. But Nicole make Hara sure that her words is true.

“It not only for once, it happened so many times, you will marry him about 3months again, and he saw you’re hugging with youre Ex, what will you do if you in his positions, Hara? Looking Onew hugging tightly with Seungyeon unnie?”

Everything changed, Hara know everything was her fault. She just wan to fix it all and back with Onew like the old days. Find Onew’s smile in the morning, tasting Onew’s lips everyday.

Hara still awake, she forgot since when she changed into an insomnia girl.  Its already 02.00 am, and she still looking the door. Hope Onew come and smile to her. A pair of Hara’s eyes already cover with a water. She crying in a silents. Did’nt want to make some noise, even She alone in this apartement.

“Maybe i should sleep, he will come tomorrow with a flower.” lied to herself. Hara go to her rooms, looking at the mirror first. See, how does she look now. She turn like an scaring doll, the dark circle in her eyes look significantly. She doesnt look like ‘Happy Hara’ anymore . She know it because she only sleep for 3hours for each day, but she doesnt care.

she’s lying on the bed, her eyes close easily. Maybe too tired, of waiting Onew for this 2months, sleeping just for less than 4 hours. Whispering Onew’s name, while she’s sleeping.



“did you dream about me? Why you often call my name, while you are sleeping.”

Suddenly Hara open her eyes, she heard someone talked, Hara looks up at a man besides her.

“Onew?” putting her little arms to Onew’s cheecks. it felt like a real. Onew’s body is besides Hara in Hara’s bed.

“do you miss me, honey?” Onew’s smile. The smile that Hara’s never see for two months ago. Hara still keep silent without a word. Can’t believe it real. Come nearly to Onew. Untill her forehead touch Onew’s chest.

“is it you, Onew?” Hara said calmly, cover her face to Onews chest. listen to Onews heartbeat. It Onews said her inside.

“Nicole said you did’nt sleep, or just sleep for three hours for each day.” Hara nodding still put her head in Onew’s chest.

“Don’t do that honey.” Onew touch Hara’s hair softly. Hara’s look up, Now Hara sure that Onew’s real.

“Look’s at your dark circle, it looks ungood.” again Onew’s smile at Hara. Hara still confused about what to do except see troughly Onew’s eyes.

“Am i dreaming?”

“You’re not Honey. Do you want to see me come just as a dream?”

“No!” Hara’s said rudely. Onew’s laughing, a soft laughing.

“So good decision’s, so lets sleep again, you can’t wear a wedding dress with your black circle eyes.”

Hara nodding, he felt so comfort. Even she doesnt want to fall a sleep because afraid that Onew came only as a dream, but her eyes was dissagree. She sleep easily with a song coming from Onew’s mouth. Just an usual lullaby with Hara’s arms still holding Onew tightly.

“Dont go anywhere Onew.” the last whispered before she really went to her own beautiful dream.


Hara gets up, look up the clock on the table. It’s 10.00 am, the long sleep she never had after 2months ago.

Starting a day, with Hara’s happy smile. Looking at her left side. Theres no one stay in her bed.

“Maybe he in the kitchen now.” covering her worry minds and go to the kitchen.

No one look stay in the kitchen. Hara’s smile again. “Maybe he in the bathroom.”

Hara’s waiting in the front door of her bathroom. And for a few minutes Onews doesnt come out. Hara gave up, she close her eyes and take a deep breath.

“i was too obsessed, i was dreaming.” she said hopeless. Sit down in nearly chair. Covering her eyes with her arms. Starting cry.

“I miss you.” just repeated this word for so many time. Wanna say more than this words. But she can’t speak anything except miss him so much. She was scary about her plan to marry with Onew. She afraid that it will never gonna be happen. She afraid that Onew will known not as her husband.


“No, i heard that Onew still in Japan, Hara.” A conversation between Hara and Nicole in telephone.

“are you serious?”

“yup.. I’m sorry Hara but im too tired now and kibum ask me to cook. So I call you later dear.” the connection was rejected. Hara looking at the wall’s clock. 9.00 pm. Still earlier to give up.

“He will come” She whispered.

Hara still sitting in the chair, looking at the door. The time was changing to 00.00. She does’nt feel sleepy at all. Count till 10 then start again. She hope that Onew come as real not dreaming like yesterday.

The clock already changing again. Hara still looks up the door.

“You’ll come” said her, she stand up and go to the kitchen bring a bottle of water, then sitting again.

The door open! She suddenly stand up and come nearly to the door. Looking for someone name Onew.

Someone is walking inside. Hara stop walking and see the man unbelievable.

“you!” said Hara.


“I am not dreaming yesterday right?”

Onew fold his hand into his chest.

“Oh god! Do you think i’m ghost Hara?” Onew saying it with ungood intonations. He looks hopeless.

“I just thought you’ll not forgive me.” Onew come inside, close the door and locks up the door. Putting his bag to the sofa. Giving Hara fast kiss on her cheecks. Go to the bathroom.

Hara just keep silent. Going to another bathroom washing her face for so many times. She does’nt want to wake up and find Onew was gone just like today.

“Hara…” Onews voice calling her name softly. Hara goes out and see Onew with a his pajamas that Hara gave for his last birthday.

Hara’s smile, just a little.

“Let’s sleep!” asked Onew. He took Hara’s hand. Go to the bedroom, lying his body on the bed and closing his eyes.

Hara just starring at him. Does’nt fall asleep. He just sitting on the bed, with her eyes focus to Onew’s face.

“Go sleep Hara.” Hara keep silent.

“Sleep now!” asked Onew rudely, Hara nodding weakly. Sleep in ungood positions.  She just felt uncomfort. She’s still worry that Onew just come in her dream.

Onew is closing his eyes. But he know Hara is’nt sleep yet. He open his eyes, come nearly pulled Hara into warm hug.

“Why dont you sleeping?” asked Onew. Hara just starring at Onew.

“Should i bite, your lips to make you sure that its not dream?”

Hara smiles. A little smile. “I can’t sleep, baby.”


“Because when i wake up, you won’t be here.”

” Today i was in hurry to held a meeting at my company. You sleep so well, i dont want to disturbing you, honey.”

Hara does’nt believe it. She still looking the truth from Onew’s little eyes.

“You are’nt lie.”

“Yes i am.”

“i’m sorry im just too worry, Onew”

“so please dont! You should thingking of yourself more than thingking about me, honey.” said Onew at Hara’s ear. Hara’s smile, that is what she wanted. She want to listen Onew’s voice often like now.

“Onew, about Min..” Hara words was stop, while Onew kiss her softly. Hara close her eyes. Her heart is beating fastly. Get off from their kiss, Hara look up into Onew again.

“Don’t say that name, now.” Onew hold Hara’s arms and give a kiss it.

“I wont, as your wish captain.” ‘Happy Hara’ is back.  She smile from bottom of her heart.

“Now, would you sleep, honey.” Onew said it, after kissed Hara cheecks.

“Just hug me from my back like usual.” asked Hara, she moving her body till Onew face Hara’s small shoulder. Onew’s smile hug her as what she asked. Put his head into Hara’s neck.

“sleeping well my Hara.” whispering Hara’s ear, just like the old days. Onew love to do that and Hara get that.

She try to close her eyes, but it does’nt work. She does’nt feel any sleepy. She heard Onew’s breath perfectly from her left ears.

“Sleep Hara.” asked Onew. Hara tries but she can’t. She still feel worry about Onew. Many crazy things inside her mind. Starting craying. Onew was pulling Hara to see him.

“Why did you cry ?” Onew full of worry. He hold Hara’s arms like try to give his ennergy.

“I don’t know.”

Suddenly, No sounds coming from their mouth.

“Would you still marry me?”

Onew just keep silents, looking at Hara’s eyes.

“Yes.” Finally Onew talks. He put his hand to Hara shoulder, pulling her to come nearly. “You don’t have to worry honey”

His forehead is touching Hara’s perfectly. Hara can feel Onew’s breath the things that Hara have been missing before.

“Thankyou.” She does’nt know why but she crying. Onew is confused of it, Suddenly he kiss Hara’s forehead. He wish that Hara to stop crying. He want Hara’s smile is’nt Hara tears.

There is no sounds coming from their mouth. Just Hara’s arms are holding Onew’s tightly.

“I’m sorry for made you get hurt too much,  Onew” whispered come from Hara. With all of sudden Onew smile and laugh. Just a little laugh that made his eyes become more little.

“Why did you laugh?”

“Because i’m happy, i was pretend like everything done perfectly, but its NOT! Okay i am jealous Hara but that’s not a big deal.”

Hara looking Onew’s eyes again. “So?”

“I just afraid that i’m not good at all for you. I’m afraid my love is bigger than your love. I’m afraid that after we marry…”

“everything does’nt out well?” guess Hara. Onew nodding.

“Minho just congratulating us.” said Hara. In fact Onew already know that before Hara told him.

“But it doe’snt change anything, my problem not only because of him?”

“For what?”

“You’re heart…”


“I just want to know that You love me.”

Hara can’t believe it, how can Onew said that. How can he say that Hara’s love to him is’nt bigger than his. Can he see that Hara’s waiting for him everyday! Can he see that the dark circle are the proof.


“Nicole is my spy, She told me everything happened about you, how you turn into…”

“Insomnia girl?”

Onew’s nodding.

“Good, so you trust that i love you now?”



“But not only you, i did too.”


“Change into insomnia man.”

Hara’s laugh, A sarcastic laugh.

” i dont see any dark circle.”

Onew smile. “because i used great make up honey.”

Hara can’t stand to not laugh. She laugh weakly, hit Onew’s arms.

“But the important thing i knew after all are it does’nt matter if you dont love me as much as i love you. As long as you still by my side. As long as Goo Hara’s is Onew’s own. That does’nt matter. I’ll make you love me as much as i want, arraseo?” Onew was talking too much and Hara does’nt talk at all. She pretending like sleeping.

“Ah i was talking alone.”

Hara try to hide his smile, still act like she’s sleeping, hugging Onew.
“I love you.” just whispered like before.

Onew’s laugh and kiss Hara’s lips so many times. Made Hara can’t stand anymore.

“You ask me to sleep, so stop disturb!” said Hara. Onew still kiss Hara, dont care about Hara words.

Hara try to cover her lips with her hands. But Onew made her ticklish.

Hara’s laughing out loud. Scream Onew’s name to stop what he did. The things that Hara’s want already back. She promised to herself to not make Onew get hurt. She dissagree about What Onew say that she doe’snt love him as much as he done, but Hara will try to show it. She’ll keep Onew just for her. JUST FOR HER. And after all Hara doe’snt have to sleep less than 4 hours. She can sleep just as long as she want. Because there is a prince who ready to kiss him for waking her up everyday.