Dear My Readers

칭찬은 제발!

Hello everyone! its me Clariska Jung. The admin of this Fanfictions Blog ). Okay Let me introduce my self first!

Name : Clariska Jung (용인 라 정)

Age     : Im going to 16 this year ^^

Hometown : Rain City, Indonesia

Fandom : ELF A+

I hope you enjoying all my fanfictions here! ^^ i do really love write Fanfictions randomly i used the original cast like KEY-COLE, On-Yeon, MinStal and etc. I hope you can go here( or stalking this blog).

Just For appreciate me as the Author.. I hope you leave some comment after read 🙂 Thats really what i want. So Enjoy this Blog! ^^

Need Ask Something ? Just let me answer it ^^